In April 2019, the Ontario government suddenly announced their replacement for Toronto’s planned Downtown Relief Line. Christened “The Ontario Line”, this new subway line was presented as a map with few details.


In July 2019, proposed plans were leaked to the media. This included a proposed trans-Don Valley bridge that would terminate on Minton Place.
This caused immediate concern to the residents who lived around Pape and O’Connor, whose quiet, peaceful and neighbourly neighbourhood could possibly be torn apart by a decade of construction, by the curious location of the Don Valley bridge and by subsequent operating noise and vibrations from the Ontario Line.
A grassroots effort was made to represent those of us who live around Pape and O’Connor and to keep neighbours informed of Metrolinx’ transit plans, if and when they were made available.
PACCT is a not-for-profit group of volunteers whose sole purpose is to ensure our neighbourhood’s concerns are heard by local politicians and by Metrolinx.